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KrolLDiscovery opens new ISO 27001-certified data centre in Ireland

KrolLDiscovery has opened its newest ISO 27001-certified data centre in Ireland in response to growing international investigations and other legal matters that require local support and hosting. With this new centre, KrolLDiscovery becomes the largest ediscovery provider with a dedicated presence in
the country.

Companies based in Ireland face additional litigation risks due to cross-border data regulation and international arbitration. Additionally, global investigations led by U.S. authorities are on the rise and expose corporations to increased legal risk, as does cooperation between regulators enforcing antitrust laws across multiple countries.

“KrolLDiscovery will be able to address many of the challenges organizations in Ireland face today with our latest global data center opening,” said Chris Weiler, CEO of KrolLDiscovery. “We have noticed a growing number of international matters that require organizations to collect, analyze and produce electronic documents in a timely and cost-effective manner in-country. Our experience with high-profile, high-stakes investigations and litigation will be a significant asset to these organizations.”

“We know that it is important to our clients to be able to process and host data in-country in response to stringent data protection laws and timeliness is key in many legal matters,” continued Weiler. “The new KrolLDiscovery data centre will give organisations more control over their data. We could not be more excited to bring our best-in-class technology, footprint and signature ‘white glove’ client service to this market.”

In addition to Ireland, KrolLDiscovery operates data centres in the U.K., Germany, France, Japan and the U.S. For more information, please email or visit and

Celebrating the launch of our French data centre

On 19th March 2015, 119 of France’s leading authorities on international litigation, labour, competition and IP/IT gathered at the historic Hôtel Plaza Athénée to celebrate the launch of Kroll Ontrack’s new French data centre and share best practice on controlling risks related to electronic data. With representation from international law firms and internal counsel of global corporations, the event’s popularity highlighted the growing importance of successfully managing investigations and litigations involving high volumes of electronic evidence.

The highlight of the evening was a lively roundtable discussion focusing on the role technology plays in safely guiding companies through investigations involving electronic evidence. Moderated by Kroll Ontrack’s Thomas Sely, speakers Winston Maxwell (partner, Hogan Lovells, Paris office), Florence Raynal (CNIL) and Isabelle Hautot (Orange Head of litigation) discussed the topic in depth, each one offering a unique perspective on the investigative process as lawyer, regulator and corporate director respectively.

A full report on the panel discussion, is being prepared and will be published in due course. However, the broad conclusions of the panel’s discussion were as follows:

  • There is a difference between the US discovery process and ediscovery technology and the two are often confused; the technology is simply a tool that assists document review, whether this is for an internal investigation or part of litigation or any case with high volumes of documents to review. The applications of ediscovery technology are not limited to US style discovery cases.
  • Accountability during the discovery process is of utmost importance to protect intellectual property. When selecting ediscovery service providers, companies and law firms should ensure that the ediscovery provider has the proper processes in place to secure data.
  • Data should be filtered and processed within the country of origin for data protection purposes. Kroll Ontrack’s new data centre will be welcomed by companies who would prefer their data to stay within France in order to comply with local privacy laws.

After a question and answer session, attendees continued the conversation less formally at the champagne reception that followed.

We would like to thank our guests for taking the time to attend the evening, especially our speakers whose experience and opinions sparked so much discussion. It is clear that how electronic data is handled is of increasing importance in France and we anticipate that with the recent opening of Kroll Ontrack’s French data centre that more firms and companies will take advantage of what ediscovery technology has to offer in a wide range of cases from compliance and investigations to litigation and arbitration, both domestically and internationally.

A few minutes of fame

It has been a very exciting experience to star in this film together with my colleagues Birte Ellerbrock, Helmut Sauro and Chris Johnson – I really felt like a Hollywood star for a few minutes!  I also realise I have joined Kroll Ontrack at a turning point and that things happen very quickly here: first, a new data centre in Frankfurt, second, a new mobile ediscovery solution, what’s next?

I did not think it would be so challenging to learn the script off by heart and to then reproduce it in front of a fully-fledged camera crew. But probably the most unexpected was the reaction from my work colleagues after I had finished filming and was still wandering around the office with make-up on my face – that had been applied beforehand (during a 15 minute make-up session!) for the filming…reactions that words unfortunately cannot describe. Welcome to a day in the life of an ediscovery consultant!

Ein paar Minuten Ruhm

Es war eine sehr spannende Erfahrung in diesem Film gemeinsam mit meinen Kollegen Birte Ellerbrock, Helmut Sauro und  Chris Johnson mitwirken zu dürfen – Ich habe mich wirklich ein paar Minuten lang wie ein Hollywood-Star gefühlt! Mir ist auch klar, dass seit dem ich für Kroll Ontrack tätig bin, befindet sich alles an einem Wendepunkt und es passiert alles sehr schnell: zuerst ein neues Rechenzentrum in Frankfurt, nun eine neue mobile Ediscovery-Lösung, was kommt als Nächstes?!

Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass es so eine Herausforderung wäre den Text auswendig lernen und dann vor dem gesamten Filmteam sprechen zu müssen. Interessanterweise aber kamen die unerwarteten Reaktionen von meinen Kollegen erst nachdem das Drehen zu Ende war, als ich im Büro umherwanderte immer noch mit Make-up im Gesicht – vor dem Filmdreh hatte ich nämlich eine 15-minütige Make-up Session erdulden müssen…Reaktionen, die die Wörter leider nicht beschreiben können. Willkommen im Leben eines Ediscovery Beraters!

About Thomas Cavro Dupont

Thomas Cavro Dupont is a Discovery Services Consultant at Kroll Ontrack in the EMEA region and is based in Germany. He advises lawyers around Europe and their clients on how to effectively manage electronically stored documents in matters such as competition, litigation and internal or regulatory investigations. Before joining Kroll Ontrack in 2014, he worked as an Associate in leading international law firms in Brussels, Paris and Madrid advising clients on competition law issues. Thomas also worked as a Project Manager for a major ediscovery provider in London specialising in ediscovery projects in the antitrust and finance areas. Thomas, who is legally qualified in Spain and France, obtained his Law Degree from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid and received an LL.M. in European Legal Studies from the College of Europe in 2009. His native languages are Spanish and French and he is fluent in German and English.

Ediscovery anywhere, Ediscovery now: New ediscovery Solutions for Germany

We are excited to announce the launch of in-country ediscovery processing capabilities in Germany, thanks to our new state-of-the-art and highly secure data centre, located in Frankfurt. We are also proud to announce the recent launch Onsite™, a self-contained, on-premise ediscovery solution.

This now provides us with the flexibility to process and host data for our German clients either in country or within the confines of a company’s own infrastructure without sensitive data ever having to leave German borders. Our German clients can now successfully meet ediscovery obligations while minimizing security and data privacy challenges.

For more information see our press release here.


Ediscovery überall Ediscovery jetzt

Neue ediscovery lösungen für Deutschland


Wir freuen uns, Ihnen heute die Eröffnung unseres Hochsicherheits-Rechenzentrums in Frankfurt am Main verkünden zu können. Zusammen mit der vor kurzem auf den Markt gebrachten mobilen Lösung Onsite™ – gedacht für den Einsatz vor Ort beim Kunden – haben wir damit unsere Ediscovery-Kapazitäten in Deutschland entscheidend erweitert. Wir können nun Daten unserer deutschen Kunden im Land oder sogar innerhalb der abgegrenzten Infrastruktur eines Unternehmens bearbeiten und speichern. Unsere Kunden können ihrerseits mit diesen Lösungen ihre Verpflichtungen im Rahmen einer Ediscovery unter Berücksichtigung der Anforderungen an die Datensicherheit und den Datenschutz erfüllen.

About Tracey Stretton

Tracey Stretton is a legal Consultant at Kroll Ontrack in the UK. Her role is to advise lawyers and their clients on the use of technology in legal practice. Her experience in legal technologies has evolved from exposure to its use as a lawyer and consultant on a large number of cases in a variety of international jurisdictions.